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I was born and raised in a small town in Italy called Bergamo; our people are known for being hard workers and very passionate about their jobs and I have to admit I am not exception to this rule.

I started sharing tips on solving problems at the age of 7, when our teacher in second grade put me next to a friend in class to make him undertsand how fractions work.

From there I always enjoyed helping other with numbers, problems, the search of the right solution.

Graduated as an Engineer after a semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain I started working in an electro mechanical factory where, despite being the second youngest of over 100 employees, I controled standards of quality for operations of complete production flow while expanding my personal knoweldge and starting to create a constant interaction with supplier, clients, colleagues.

The personal change in life in 2009, when I moved to New York and then started to work in the world of luxury goods (jewelry), where I found the same request from clients I have receieved since that day in second grade: help them in finding the right solution for the most different problems that happen daily when running a business.

Well traveled, always eager to learn, and never too busy not to listen to others, I decided to create Giovanelli Consulting to share my experience and knowledge and create a solid support to those who feel the need of it.


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